Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Love Notes 1 (7 days to valentine)

#LoveNotes #micropoetry #valentine

I grew up thinking Valentine was a man's game and the woman always the receptor
but the older I got I realised love is better when the 2 tango.
So, I will be writing these notes to celebrate the greatest feeling a person can have
and experience ~ #love because #ilovelove #inlove #forlove
And to "you" this is my love gift wrapped in forever and a day more.

Share some ♥ this season, let it fly free!
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Friday, 13 January 2017


365 days of disclosure

Many of which were a blur

Unclear paintings of me

Trying to build a new life – a new me

Struggling between holding the reins

And letting go for Omega who reigns

Forgetting that Alpha started it

And stands at the end to complete it

Prayers in May that birthed a vision

Supplication became a mission

Of equations that end in same numbers

Of serene sleep and slumbers

Again I stand at the door

Looking back at my store

But gripping unto futures hope

A new age of beauty's scope

I flourish

I flourish

I flourish

Opening this door of light

I am ready to continue the fight

Baring my scars as conqueror

Offspring of the divine Emperor

I win

I win

I win


Monday, 28 March 2016

What If Jesus

What if Jesus had spent his adult years sulking about the circumstances of His birth, growing up as a carpenters son and trekking the length and breath of Isreal?

What if Jesus had spent his days questioning His destiny because his past was in a manger? What if He began to doubt His divinity because of His birth place?

Oh and Egypt, what if it wasn’t cool to be from Africa? How about his hands, He must have ruined His fingers being a carpenter’s apprentice

So established, Jesus’ background sucks!

But we never hear Him wallow in self pity or doubt His glorious future because of His ugly past.

He didn’t contemplate suicide because the thought of the cross was too dark

Jesus stayed in the future. He kept His focus on what was to come, the glorious days that the growing pains will reveal. He lived the past and present based on the word, the prophecies not questioning the process but loving the product – YOU, ME . . . US

He bore His past like a general with battle scars

He lived His present like a man on a mission

He certified a future by love’s call setting an example for us to follow


There will be pain and scars, battles to fight, mind strongholds to pull down, all as a result of our journey to greatness.

But like Jesus, we look to the life after the cross, the glorious existence with Abba Father and we forget the past and set our minds on Him

Jesus, His life, His death, His burial, His ressurection

And because He now lives like the king He is we’ve got no choice but to do same

He is risen.

Jesus Our Christ is risen!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Industry Friends

I had the privilege to sit with 3 amazing gurus on a panel by Davies Okeowo's company RedBrooks Consulting for social media week and i learnt a whole lot but there is one lesson I will like to share.


You learn more from those in your industry than those outside. You get to hear what is trending and what is new and how to deploy new apps and models...

Don't view your industry colleagues as competitors but rather as collaborators and contributors making your industry the greatest ever. Trust me, the market is big enough for us all.

The more your industry flourishes the more your own business will flourish.
Be tactful, find your blue ocean but also be thankful.

Think UBUNTU always!!!
These are some of my industry friends; Olatunde Samson CEO Business Impact Limited & Chinonso Ogbogu CEO SM Group.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Praying Is Living

It's a WIN-WIN situation!

Praying Is Living is a personal project to get people to pray more.

It's easier to pray when you know someone is praying with or for you.

I decided to spend more time praying for and with people than I do praying for myself and it has made a huge difference.

It's like giving. Although you give with a heart of love you will get a reward because it's a principle. Imagine when you spend time praying for or with someone else, you are giving of your time and getting edified also because you are spending time with God.

It's a win-win situation!

Why not pray then? You've got everything to gain.

No doubt He will do much more than you can ever imagine.
Let your praise go up and then the blessings will come down

#PrayingIsLiving is usually any 1 hour on a given date.

Ihotu Amuta